“We want to drive good business.”

A driving force for change

At Axel Johnson International, we believe in businesses as a driving force for change. We are a global industrial group with more than 150 companies spread over 30 countries, with businesses in many niche markets and industries. Sustainability is one of the group’s guiding principles and a fundamental part of our business strategy.

We are a part of the Swedish family-owned corporate group Axel Johnson. Sustainability has been an important driving force within the Axel Johnson group since the 1980’s, when Antonia Ax:son Johnson – fourth generation Johnson – started to talk about The good company and how companies can be a positive force for change in the society. For Axel Johnson International, being a part of Axel Johnson opens for collaboration within the group and across industries. We strongly believe that the way forward towards a more sustainable future, for all businesses, includes partnerships, cooperation and transparency.

We work for change in the industries where we operate

Together we can make a change. The companies within Axel Johnson International operate in a wide range of industries, and every day we meet many customers and suppliers all over the world. This means that we have the possibility to influence people throughout our value chain.

Our companies provide specialised knowledge and support for their customers to choose the best product or application to improve safety, resource efficiency and extend lifetime of products. By providing more sustainable offerings, and together with our customers explore new alternative business solutions, we can contribute to a more efficient use of resources as well as enable increased profitability long term.

We simply want to run good businesses and increase customer value.

Sustainability within Axel Johnson International

As a long-term owner, we believe in sustainable businesses. Integrating sustainability is crucial for all companies’ survival. We strive to create momentum and push boundaries to make sure that our companies remain at the forefront when it comes to customer value, technical expertise, service and profitability while integrating sustainability into their core businesses and offerings.

For us, sustainability is related to business risks and opportunities and we ensure that we handle our challenges in a systematic and transparent way. By minimizing risks and develop opportunities, we provide to our customers high added value in the products and services that we deliver.

We have five focus areas for our sustainability work:



Our five focus areas form the basis of our long-term agenda. By working systematically with our challenges within the focus areas, we believe our group will have a positive impact on the industry as a whole and contribute to the relevant global UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Systematic approach to achieve change

We make sure all our companies set up action plans to handle their specific risks and opportunities related to the focus areas. The challenges and actions of one company will be followed up systematically and will at many times influence sister companies with similar business models and/or in similar markets.

The way forward is to collaborate

We see the challenges mankind and businesses are facing, now and in the future. Some challenges are bigger than our industrial group; we believe in cooperating and finding partnerships with external partners to find new ways of doing things in the industry.

In the industrial sector, just like in most sectors, several of the environmental challenges go hand in hand with social challenges. We are all part of the same ecosystem and to achieve real change, we need to work together to find new solutions that cater to our clients’ needs and meet the sustainability challenge within the planetary boundaries to secure a stable planet for future generations.

Together with partners we want to explore new alternatives and we all need to have the courage to choose unexplored tracks.

If you would like to join us in developing the solutions of tomorrow, please let us know!

We strongly believe that the way forward towards a more sustainable future, for all businesses, includes partnerships, cooperation and transparency.

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